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I started my career with Intel in 1995 as a C/C++ developer in their network management software division located here in Utah. After 3 years I left to work with a startup company emWare which developed IoT device management software. While at emWare I worked on client/server applications written in C/C++, Java and C#. In 2006 I founded my own software company called Corner Bowl Software which provided enterprise class server monitoring, security and compliance software. In 2012 I was approached by SpectorSoft (now Veriato) to be purchased. As part of the purchase arrangement I was hired as an employee with a multi-year employment contact. Several years later I started developing mobile software then took a position with Mountain Hub to develop their outdoor tracking and conditions reporting applications. I am currently seeking development contracts.


  • Developed numerous Android and iOS applications.
  • Founded Corner Bowl Software and developed 5 industry leading server management, security and compliance software products.
  • Developed and supported over 2,000 customers
  • Maintained an 80% license renewal rate
  • Implemented over a dozen PCI/DSS compliant storefront websites
  • Wrote a client/server application that securely supported up to 10,000 connections
  • Through SEO maintained first page listings on Google for highly competitive keywords
  • Published and reviewed on numerous trade websites and magazines
  • Wrote a article that is currently ranked 4.94 by 45 developers
  • Won Best of Comdex for Best Productivity Software

Project Links

Mountain Hub

Mesonet Explorer


Owner/Founder | Upper Setting

2015 - Current
  • Architected, designed and implemented a real-time open source network communication library for Windows, Android, OS X, iOS, Windows Phone and Linux/Unix called DotNetOpenServer.
  • Architected and developed a proof of concept Android application for the Utah Avalanche Center that retrieves the GPS location, altitude, compass direction, orientation of the phone (to read slope angles), inputs many other data points (i.e. wind direction, wind speed, temperature.) and reads and writes the input data to the file system.
  • Developed several storefront applications for customers using ASP.Net MVC, bootstrap and SQL Server.
  • Evaluated and architected software solutions for customers.

Senior Android/iOS Engineer | Mountain Hub

  • Developed Android and iOS outdoor tracking and social applications.
  • Implemented tracking, background uploader, map tile downloader, offline map caching, custom map overlays and a whole lot more.
  • Used SQLite, Retrofit, ObjectMapper, MapKit, MapBox, Google Maps, Material Design.
  • Processes included Agile, Jira, Git pull requests.

Software Architect | Veriato

  • Primary architect responsible for design, development and customer support for server monitoring, security and compliance applications purchased from Corner Bowl Software (see below).

Owner/Founder | Corner Bowl Software

2003 – 2012
  • Designed, developed, marketed, sold and supported enterprise server monitoring and compliance software written in C# and C.
  • Designed and implemented website, content and flow using ASP.Net and CSS.
  • Implemented and managed source control, branching and my own automated build system.
  • Developed an open source project currently available on CodeProject called Corner Bowl Popup Help Control.
  • Contributed to a popular open source project on CodePlex called Superlist.
  • A few notable customers include:
    BoeingNASA (JPL and Kennedy Space Center)
    General Dynamics Electric BoatNorthrup Grumman
    Lincoln LaboratoriesSavannah River Nuclear Solutions
    Lockheed MartinSocial Security Administration
    MITUnited States Air Force

Systems Analyst | Nutraceutical

2004 – 2006
  • Architected a secure network application framework.
  • Designed and developed warehouse tracking and raw materials analysis systems utilizing IoT technology.
  • Implemented a credit card processing system.

Senior Software Engineer | emWare

1998 – 2004
  • Designed and developed a client/server application framework that supported over 10,000 client connections written in C, Java and C#.
  • Designed and implemented all 6 software protocol layers including encryption.
  • Developed and debugged the C server on Red Hat.
  • Supported Java server on Red Hat and AIX.
  • Developed automated client/server test applications which included simulating 10,000+ client connections.
  • Managed a team of 3 developers.
  • Implemented and managed the source control system and created an automated build system.

Software/Human Factors Engineer | Intel

1995 – 1998
  • Developed application components written in C++ and MFC.
  • Developed a complex installer for multiple OEMs written in C++.
  • Developed and documented a proof of concept client management application.
  • Hosted several focus groups and human factors tests.
  • Worked with a team developing a client management application.
  • Implemented and managed the source control system and created an automated build system.
  • Received several Intel values awards for teamwork and quality/reliability of code written.

Software Engineer | Positive Support Review

1994 – 2002 (Contractor)
  • Developed data analysis and server monitoring applications.
  • Won Best of Comdex award for Best Productivity Software


University of Colorado at Boulder

Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship


The Code Project

Dr. Dobbs

Internet Device Builders Conference

Internet-Enabled House Hold Appliances

Product Reviews

Windows IT Pro

Windows IT Pro


Positive Support Review’s Zinnote Zeros In on Data

LAN Times

Intel’s LANDesk Client Manager to Give Users Better PC Control


I upgraded and ran a scan to pick up some newly built servers and the credentials were transferred down as expected! Love the product and support here, couldn't ask for anything more!

Corner Bowl Software Forum
Feb 02, 2012

I have completed the transfer of Corner Bowl Log Manager from my 32-Bit 2003 Server to my 64-Bit 2003 Server and from SQL 2000 to SQL 2008 today. I just wanted to let you know it went very well. Your backup and restore of configuration was exceptional. I use this tool on a daily basis and transferring my over 100 GB database of over 400 days of log files was a bit nervous. Things just never go this easy. Even the transfer of the license went without a hitch and not one support call was needed. That impressed me a lot. Thank you once again for such great software!

Randy L. Hall
LANtology Network Solutions
April 15, 2011

This version works perfectly. Thank you so much for adding it and the amazing fast response! Seriously, I wish more of the software companies I deal with worked like you guys!

Kelly Corbin
Network Administrator
Answer Kansas City
January 21, 2011

I submitted this request have expecting to get a generic response and never hear another word about it again. WOW was I wrong. Thank you for your quick fix for this issue! I would have never guessed that, not only would the issue be fixed, but released over a holiday weekend!! Thanks again! You rock!

Chris Thomas
System Administrator
HomeNet Automotive
November 29, 2010

I wanted to let you know I very much like the changes you made to the system...Great Upgrade! Great Job!

Randy L. Hall
World Headquarters
Citrix Support Team
LANtology Network Solutions
November 12, 2010

You Rock! Thanks for the update! I Love speed reading my event logs!

Mike Nostrom
Assistant Director, Alumni and Development Information Services
Binghamton University Foundation
April 19, 2010

Wow thanks for the custom code. I sincerely have never seen support as good as yours. Great work...

Jonathan Maisonneuve
Technical Analyst
Bell Canada
April 16, 2010

...we completed our Sarbanes Oxley audit last December with ZERO defects for the IT department and in my opinion it was largely because of your great software helping me identify AD accounts!!!

George Hemmerle
Desktop Manager/SOX Governance Manager
Power Integrations, Inc
February 26, 2008

Thanks for the patience, your support team is probably the best I have dealt with so far.

Maico Duane Villanueva
Web Services Engineer
American Institute for Research
November 21, 2007

I am no longer surprised by your customer support. A+. Not many software companies are as responsive as you.

Philip Newman
General Dynamics - Electric Boat
October 31, 2007

You guys really listen to customers!

Frans Rampen
Solution Architect
Yoda ICT




  • Windows, Android, iOS
  • .Net, WPF, WCF, Windows Forms, ASP.Net MVC
  • Enterprise database design
  • SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, SyBase
  • SQL Queries and Stored Procedures
  • LINQ
  • Xamarin
  • Google Maps, MapKit, MapBox
  • Location services
  • Retrofit, ObjectMapper
  • REST, SOAP, Web Services
  • Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, XML
  • Agile, Jira
  • Azure, AWS S3
  • MVVM, SOA, SaaS
  • PCI/DSS and Credit Card Processing
  • Security and Encryption
  • Multi-Threading
  • Sockets and protocol design
  • WIX, InstallShield
  • WMI
  • Event log consolidation and analysis
  • GitHub, CodePlex, SourceForge, TFS, NuGet
  • Client/Server and IoT
  • SEO