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US Catapults Mobile Application Development With Its New Technology

FASTack, a new mobile application development API provides lightening fast, secure client server communications between all devices.

September 15, 2015

Technology upstart, Upper Setting, released its cutting edge software this month. This lightening fast technology allows client server communication between any and all types of mobile devices.

Frustrated with current products that did not support real-time, secure, instant communication between devices, Michael Janulaitis, CEO and creator of the technology explains "I couldn't find anything that had real-time, lightening fast variable notifications. I needed a vault-proof security model that supported remote method invocation. The only products available are too slow; they poll over HTTP, REST or SOAP. This new technology does all of this and supports 1000s of client connections. It includes APIs for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, Mac and Java clients. This FASTack can even be used to fly remote devices using your own mobile phone."

Using this new client server framework, application developers can create highly responsive applications enabling users to receive instant notifications on all communication devices - Androids, iOS mobile devices and Window Phones. Initially designed for industrial automation uses and defense monitoring and control applications, Janulaitis said he is discovering multiple applications for this technology. This new mobile application development, FASTack makes this possible.

Released and recently showcased are two SDK's. The DotNetOpenServer SDK, an open source project, provides a client server application framework that implements an extendable security framework, includes a keep-alive/heartbeat protocol and includes a C# API for Windows and Windows Mobile, a Java API for Android and Unix/Linux flavors and an Objective-C API for iOS and Mac. The DotNetCloudServer SDK is built on top of the open source project, DotNetOpenServer SDK and includes support for remote method invocation (RMI), variable subscriptions and event notifications.

Upper Setting, which also offers consulting services, seeks to create new, efficient, security based bleeding edge technology for companies and software developers.

About Upper Setting - Upper Setting is a US technology and consulting firm based in Utah. The founder has over 20+ years experience providing software to the IT, aerospace, defense, military, banking and higher education industries. All Rights Reserved.

"We're excited about FASTack. This is revolutionary in mobile application development. It will help many seeking an instantaneous, secure client server framework that connects all devices."